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When is the right time for counselling?

Trying to decide whether to take the step to seek counselling can be a tough one. If your wondering if this is a good moment in your life to seek counselling, then check out my blog on this topic is counselling for me?

How does online booking work?

Further Shores uses the Jane App for online booking. This simple and secure platform allows you to see your counsellor's available times. You may also create an account, this allows you to easily manage your bookings, receive intake forms, and securely pay by card.  Before each session, you will be emailed a link for your secure tele-health session. 

How do you keep my data secure online?

Your privacy is taken seriously. The online platform used for tele-health is the Jane App. It is HIPAA and PIPPA compliant, with end to end encryption. The storage of your personal data (e.g, name, contact, and session notes) is also secured on the Jane App according to professional clinical standards and in alignment with Canadian law. I will explain confidentiality fully and simply with you before our sessions together begin and you are always welcome to ask further questions.

How does online counselling work?

First, see my available times on the online booking site and request a time via the contact form. You may request a free 20 minute consultation, to see if I could be a good fit. If we wish to continue together, you would then create an account which is simple to use and secure. From this account, you may complete your intake forms, re-schedule appointments and pay securely by card. Before each session, you will be emailed a link for your secure tele-health session. 

How many sessions will I have?

The number of sessions you have depends on your needs and goals for counselling. Some individuals are looking for one or two debriefing sessions whereas others may want longer-term support over the course of a year or two (and everything in-between). When you begin counselling you can discuss together with your counsellor the number of sessions you think would be most helpful. However, this timeframe can always be adjusted and is something that you and your counsellor can re-visit as you go. You may close or resume counselling at any point. There is no right or wrong, everyone's journey is different. 

How frequent will my sessions be?

The frequency of sessions is something you can decide on with your counsellor. Most often people start with once a week or bi-weekly sessions and then move to further spaced appointments over time. Some appreciate a follow up session after six months or so after bringing counselling to a close.

Can we meet in person?

For the most part I work primarily online. However, if you are an organization and are interested in receiving in-person staff care, and there is a confidential meeting space available for you, let me know and we can talk further about how this could work.

Finance is an issue for me, can you help?

I understand how finances can be a challenge and I want you to have the help you need. You can find a fuller answer here

I don't live oversees can you still see me?

Yes absolutely! While I have areas of specialty and experience, if after reading through this website you feel that my approach could be a good fit for you, then please don't hesitate to be in touch. I'd like to support you!

Do you offer consultations or trainings?

If you are an individual, a group, or an organization interested in learning about a specific topic, please send me a message, and lets see how we can collaborate!

I'm interested in referring others what steps can I take?

If your organization would like to include Further Shores as part of your staff care plan, I would love to support your team! If you are considering this being a place to which you refer your members, please be in touch to see if what I have to offer aligns with your needs and values. With a referral, I will ask to speak to the individual first before booking a session. This is to protect their confidentiality and ensure counselling is something they are personally seeking. Due to the standards of professional confidentiality, I will be unable to share any personal information about the referred individual (including whether they have contacted me), unless they specifically request this in writing.

I wish to cover the cost of counselling for someone, how may I do this?

If you (or your organization) wish to cover the cost of counselling for someone else (or cover the cost for members of your organization), you may find how best to proceed here.  

I hope this page answers your questions. Still unsure? Please get in touch. 

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