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Gifted Counselling

Join me in providing for the care and support of those in serving roles around the world! Many of those serving others are doing so at cost to themselves both financially and emotionally. They may be far from their normal social supports, while caring for others in challenging conditions. Help also to provide for the care of those in financially and emotionally challenging circumstances. If you are interested in giving towards a gifted counselling spot, please be in touch to learn more about the process. In the case that you are giving to a person in financial need, I will match your gift.

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How to give

Load a gift card at the button above. You will receive a code that can be emailed to the person you are giving to. They can use this code to cover their sessions. 

For a specific person

If you would like to give to cover counselling services for a specific individual, I would first ask to speak to the individual themselves before making an appointment. This is intended to protect the individual's confidentiality, make sure counselling is something they are personally seeking, and confirm their wish to receive third-party payment on their behalf. When giving, it is important to understand that due to professional confidentiality requirements, I am unable to share any personal or identifying information with a supportive party (including whether a client has contacted me) unless requested in writing by the client to do so.

For a specific role or organization

If you would like to direct your gift to members of a specific organization (e.g., a certain non-profit, or ministry) it is possible to load a gift-card and designate it's use accordingly. Unless I already have an agreement with an organization, you will need to let the organization members know about this opportunity.    


If you are wanting to give to those in a particular role or circumstance (e.g., volunteers, displaced persons, or persons in poverty), this is also possible. If you prefer, you may make the offer on pledge and I can notify you when someone in this category is seeking counselling (without revealing any identifying or personal information). 

Taxable gift

It may be possible to have your gift recognized for charitable deduction. However, this varies by country, so you would need to check the requirements specific to your location.

Thank you!

Thank you for being interested in giving. I would gladly answer any further questions you might have. Please be in touch! 

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