50 minute appointments cost 100 CAD/ 60 GBP/ 70 EUR/ 80USD


I know sometimes money can be a real hindrance to being able to seek out counselling. This can be especially the case in the very moments when we are most in need of a helping hand (for example, you may be working in a volunteer capacity and just covering you're costs, or perhaps you are in a time of transition or recovery and so don't have a position or savings). For this reason, I and the supporting community offer a limited number of gifted counselling spots. All such gifting will be confidential. I also offer sessions on a sliding scale based on annual income. My heart is that you can have the support you need regardless of your financial situation. See some options below and if this relates to you then let's talk about it!


> 10,000 - $20
> 20,000 - $40 
> 30,000 - $60 
> 40,000 - $80


It is worth checking to see if you or your organization's insurance covers counselling from a certified clinician. Insurance companies vary on this, but it may be a viable option.


You can pay securely online via card on your account on the secure counselling portal or via direct bank deposit. You will receive a receipt for your records. 


If you are unable to attend a session, please let me know 24hrs in advance and I will remove this session from your bill.