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Care for those far from home

Being between worlds and becoming part of new cultures is a story filled with richness, yet this life also comes with unique challenges, often far from the supports that might have formerly been of aid. 

In acknowledgement of this Further Shores is dedicated to the care of those far from home. Providing support to humanitarian aid workers, individuals who are immigrating or displaced, those serving in overseas ministries, and third culture kids. 

Further Shores seeks to be a safe space of rest and re-strengthening for all those who sojourn. To come alongside you both as a certified clinical counsellor as well as a fellow traveler well versed in the dust and glory of the road.

Care for those who care

You don't have to look far to find discouragement in those seeking to serve and love others. You give to others often at great personal cost, daily facing challenging circumstances. What you do matters!


Further Shores seeks to provide a place away to encourage, lift up, champion, and heal, so that you can return to the beaten track strengthened and ready to continue the journey, to love and serve wherever it is you are placed.  

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Further Shores has an open door, no matter your background, belief, culture, identity, role, or place in the world. You are welcome!


Each person, whatever our story, is of infinite value and wonder. No person is greater or lessor than any other, and each one worthy of care and dignity.


We are made to journey together. Having someone be with us in our suffering is a core human need and the starting place of healing. It is in community that we bear witness to one-another's stories and are able to encourage one another, giving us the courage to continue on.


We all at times need a place away, where we are safe to rest, breathe, and restore. Here we can reconnect with ourselves, others, the beauty of our world, and our creator. As whole people, body, mind, soul, and heart, each part of who we are matters.


The pursuit of restoration may be a journey of heart-ache, yet also one of wonder and growth! Both the struggles and joys of our life become part of our story of becoming into the fullness of who we were created to be.


It is my Christian faith, which forms the basis of my hope and my belief in the infinite value of each person. Through this faith, I understand our individual stories within the hope of the greater story being told.

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